Dirty Paws Dog Wash

A Clean Pet Is A Snugly Pet!

10217 Southpoint Pkwy., Fredericksburg, VA

Be a good parent to your puppy

Bring your furry friends to our gentle and friendly staff for expert grooming. With over 40 years of combined experience, you'll have peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands. Your personal satisfaction is our top priority.


Pamper your pet with a shampoo and conditioner bath, haircut, nail trim or clip, ear clean, and more. Your fluffy family members will know how much you love them.

Promote good health

Just like you, we care about your pet's health. Ensure your canine is in good shape thanks to LifeVantage Canine Health. It reduces oxidative stress and supports brain, heart, eye, and joint functions. Increase your dog's mobility, flexibility, and cognitive function today.

Pay prices that fit your budget

• Small dogs $45 - $55

• Medium dogs $56 - $65

• Large dogs $66 - $75

• Extra-large dogs $76 +

"I brought in a huge Shiloh GSD who had badly matted fur and was full of burrs. The dog lives on a farm and loves to wallow in mud puddles then run through the woods picking up all kinds of debris. I gave the groomers permission to clip everything to get rid of the mess. They worked three hours on my dog. I picked up a beautifully brushed and fluffed dog with only a little bit of clipping around his back legs. The fee was extremely reasonable considering the work these guys had to do. This is a big, powerful, alpha dog, and they handled him very well.

5 stars!"


- Barbara

Setting the industry standard

When it comes to pet grooming, our talented professionals have raised the bar. We're dedicated to exceeding your expectations whether your pooch is getting ready for a big show or its hair simply needs a little TLC.  Anytime you need a haircut you will require an appointment for this service.

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Take advantage of our Two for Tuesday deal.

Bring in 2 dogs and pay half for the 2nd wash.

(Can not be combined with other offers)